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Full Spectrum of Services
First Midstate Incorporated offers its clients a full spectrum of public finance services. We recognize that the staff at most units of local government are stretched to the limits already and have a limited amount of time to devote to financing projects. Some of our services include:

  • Complete a debt analysis of all municipal general obligation debt presently outstanding for the issuer and a comprehensive analysis of various potential maturity schedules and rates required to service both principal and interest payments of any potential Bond Issue. Recommend maturity schedule and other indenture requirements. Review potential legally available alternative financing methods.
  • When a referendum is needed we assist the Issuer and its steering committee in developing a campaign to inform the voters as to the need for and advantages of the proposed project.
  • Assist disclosure counsel with preparation of the Official Statement (including summary of financial, industrial, and demographic information as well a profile of the Community).
  • Recommend possible dates of sale in line with market conditions, legal necessities, and project requirements.
  • Cooperate and coordinate the project with the architects, engineers, attorneys, staff and recognized Bond Counsel. Prepare necessary showings to obtain Moody's and/or Standard & Poor's rating or Municipal Bond Insurance.
  • Recommend an investment schedule for bond money after consulting with appropriate parties or consultants after delivery of the bonds, if appropriate.
  • Act as Underwriters in the marketing of the Bonds.
  • Coordinate Bond printing, document distribution, establishment of necessary accounts and bond closing.
  • Provide overlapping debt information, as needed to the issuer's staff members for use in annual reports and budgeting.
  • Prepare annual review items for rating services and/or continuing disclosure on an as needed basis upon the direction of the issuer.

The scope of our service extends well beyond any single project. We regularly communicate with our clients on current issues in public finance including potential legal, legislative and tax law changes that may impact a particular unit of local government.

If you have more questions or need more information, please contact us.

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